About me

Learner, Listener, Physicist, Storyteller, Chef, Lindy-hopper, and a Geek.

I am currently a graduate student in the physics department at University of California, Davis. I am part of Professor Raissa D'Souza's networks research group and the Complexity Sciences Center.

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics from IIT Madras.


My broad area of research is classical and quantum complex systems. Complex systems is the study of emergent behavior that arise from interactions of the sub-parts. The field is inherently interdisciplinary and uses mathematical modeling to solve problems in diverse areas such as economics, physics, ecology, etc. Over the years I have worked in many different sub-fields such as econo-physics, quantum information, condensed matter physics and network theory.

My doctoral dissertation is on the growth and interdependence of complex networks. I am interested in developing mathematical models for dynamics on and/or of networks that can provide insights on how real world systems work. I make extensive use of multi-relational network data to justify assumptions made in models, and discover interesting dynamics that would otherwise be hard to find.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, information theory, nature of time and measures of complexity are other research areas I am excited about and follow closely.


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When I am not musing over the answers to life, the universe and everything, I keep myself busy with a wide range of activities. I am an avid reader with a preference for short stories. I run, go on hikes, and practice Kung Fu to help stay active.